Historical facts about the Notschrei

The construction of the Notschreistraße was a hard-won road for the inhabitants around the Notschrei. The first plans for a road from Todtnau to Oberried began as early as 1780 in order to connect to Breisgau and thus avoid the high transport costs. However, the Grand Duchy of Baden had other interests than building a road from Todtnau to Oberried. In 1819, the communities of the upper Wiesental presented a petition for the first time to the first state parliament in Karlsruhe, but it was not heard. When unemployment and hunger spread in the Wiesental in 1847, the demand was renewed. Numerous public figures campaigned for the construction of the road, so that on 13 November 1847 the decision was finally made to build the road. Today, the Notschrei is highly developed for tourism. In summer it is the starting point for many hikes and in winter it is the starting point for the Notschrei cross-country ski trails. There are also several ski lifts in the immediate vicinity. Did you actually know that the name "Notschrei" resulted from the petition of the citizens of the upper Wiesental? Because for these citizens, this petition, which was called Notschrei, was a cry for help to the government.

Historisches zum Hotel 


In 1900, Adolf Asal erected a hotel building on the Notschrei pass summit. It quickly became a stop for the horse-drawn mail line that ran over the pass at the time.  The hiking and excursion business increased more and more in the following years, but was unfortunately quickly stopped by the outbreak of World War 1. As a result, the economy struggled with inflation and was crippled for the time being. After some time, however, it became clearly noticeable that the number of holidaymakers was increasing by leaps and bounds.

Unfortunately, only a few years later, after the economy became more and more stabilised, the outbreak of World War 2 followed. As a result, the hotel was occupied by the French in 1944. But the Asal family was very lucky: they were allowed to stay in the house and continue running it for French guests. Three years later, the Asals were able to accept German guests again. Some renovation work followed and finally, in 1968, the large construction of an indoor swimming pool with sauna, bowling alley and fitness room. From now on, things only went uphill for the Waldhotel. Roads were built, the Notschreil trails were laid out and a trail house with a terrace was erected.

Takeover Albiez family

In 1993, Hubert and Christine Albiez, together with Willy Falger, took over the Waldhotel am Notschreipass. After a very successful start, the hotel unfortunately fell victim to a major fire two years later, which caused damage of around DM 4.5 million. The following year was marked by reconstruction work, but also by the takeover of the "Grüner Baum" inn in the neighbouring village of Muggenbrunn. Thanks to a lot of hard work, the hotel was able to reopen just two years after the fire. In 1999, the hotel finally took over the Steinwasenpark and Steinwasental bistro. Two years later, the renovation of the indoor pool followed with a new window front, swimming pool technology and additional offers. Since then, the Waldhotel has shone in new splendour.