Best Price Guarantee

Booking portals are advertising the best price, but you will always get the best condition when you book directly through our hotel.

If you book up to 10 weeks before arrival, you will receive a 5% early booking discount, which is already included in the indicated price.
Due to the current situation, we have adjusted our cancellation conditions and services so that you can look forward to your time out in the Black Forest without any concerns.

Same services at a lower price

Check the availability in our dependance ***S-Vitalhotel Grüner Baum here without obligation.

  • Prices are approx. 25% below the prices of the Waldhotel.
  • all advantages of the Waldhotel included, such as the new NaturSpa, the AktivCard and the WohlFit programme
  • excellent comparable Naturparkwirt cuisine
  • modern country house style rooms