Massage & Cosmetics

Wellness weekend in the Black Forest with wellness treatments


We will pamper you all around: from classic massages to special wellness massages and cosmetic treatments, there is something for everyone. Forget your everyday life during a wellness weekend in the Black Forest with various treatments. Step into our wellness and cosmetics room at the Waldhotel. Our wellness team will be happy to advise you individually and look forward to getting to know you.


Tip: Reserve your wellness treatments in advance so that we can take your appointments and wishes into account in the best possible way. You are welcome to make your appointments on site at the reception. In our wellness hotel with massage offers, we will be happy to advise you personally on our treatments and products. If you would like to take some relaxation home with you, you can buy our product lines at the wellness reception or in the online shop. We are happy to sell our product lines at the wellness reception.


Our current programme for a wellness weekend with treatments as well as day spa arrangements can be downloaded here as a PDF. You can choose between classic beauty treatments, aroma massages, alkaline treatments and Wohlfit detox baths.
Naturally beautiful: From the tips of your toes to the tips of your hair, we offer you beauty and wellness treatments where you can be completely pampered. Only high-quality cosmetics and natural products are used: oils, mountain herbs, natural cosmetics from Dr. Spiller and herbal stamps from our own production. In addition to high-quality products, we give you our full attention and care.
Deep relaxation in the wellness hotel with massages

Our programme also includes other feel-good massages, such as the Swiss pine massage or the Waldhotel natural moor pack. If you would like to experience nature consciously for once, enjoy relaxation & coaching in nature by trying out forest bathing in the Black Forest.

Classic massages


  • Classic back massage (25 min) € 38

    Muscle tensions are released with essential oils, shoulder-neck & neck are intensively massaged. A general relaxation spreads. You will literally notice how yesterday's stress disappears into thin air.

  • Classic full body massage (50 min) € 67

    With aromatic oils and with various massage strokes, blood circulation & metabolism are stimulated. You feel the relaxing and calming effect in every cell of your body.

  • Hiker Massage (50 min) € 67

    To relax the muscles after an active day. You soak your feet in an Alpine herbal foot bath and receive a soothing leg-foot massage. At the same time, your back is massaged vigorously with medicinal herb oil to give you a feeling of weightlessness after a long day.

  • Foot Pressure Point Massage (25 min/50 min) € 38/€ 67

    Bringing absolute relaxation to leave everyday life behind you for once. In addition to the 50-minute foot pressure point massage, you will also receive a head and face massage. In our wellness hotel with massage offers a pleasure of relaxation.

  • Mountain Herbal Stamp Massage (50 min) € 79

    The healing power of nature: High-quality oil, alkaline salt and the effect of forest and meadow herbs have a purifying, detoxifying and circulation-enhancing effect on the body. A prelude to maintaining health. 

  • Alkaline salt-oil massage (50 min) € 67

    Body salts in combination with body oil have a purifying and detoxifying effect. Take home the feeling of velvety soft skin from your wellness weekend from this application. 

  • Hot Stone Massage (50 min partial body/ 80min full body) € 72/€ 89

    Warm herbal oil and the massaging movement of the basalt stones release your tensions. A wonderfully harmonious feeling provides long-lasting relaxation throughout the body. Feel how intense the effect of the warm stones and the herbal oils can be.

  • Tannennadel-Stempel-Massage (50 min) € 79

    Experience this unique forest hotel wellness treatment with fir needle aromas & forest herbs from the Black Forest.

  • Fazien & Triggerpunkt-Massagen (25 min/ 50 min) € 41 / € 79

    Fascia massage for the whole body, 50min € 79
    Fascia back massage, 25min € 41
    Trigger point massage, 25min € 41
    Fascia massage stimulates blood circulation & releases muscular tension.





Wellness hotel with feel-good massage offers

  • Waldhotel Trial Massage (50 min) € 94

    You will learn about the relaxing effect of a herbal stamp massage and experience how restful the warm stones of the hot stone massage feel and put your body into a state of deep relaxation.

  • Mamas Waldhotel Auszeit - perfect for pregnant women too (50 min) € 84

    Extensive shoulder and neck massage - preferably in combination with a head massage and treatment as well as gentle cosmetic lymphatic drainage of the legs is particularly suitable for pregnant women. Enjoy the peace and relaxation and concentrate exclusively on yourself and your baby.

  • Waldhotel Back Fit Massage (50 min) € 84

    Wellness weekend with warming application: Muscle tensions are specifically loosened with heat, the "hot roll", special massage grips and the time-honoured cupping technique. Deep relaxation and soothing warmth spread.

  • Waldhotel Partner Massage Course (80 min) €108 for two persons

    Massages & wellness at home: If you have mastered the art of a soothing massage, you are doing good. We will gladly initiate you into the secrets of massage techniques and massage your partner together with you. Including a glass of sparkling wine and a bottle of massage oil to take home.


  • Waldhotel thoughts relax (25 min) € 42

    In our wellness hotel with massage treatments you can stop the carousel of thoughts. Back, head and neck massages are ideal for putting the "office routine" behind you and clearing your head


  • Waldhotel Birkenholz Massage (80 min) € 98

    This treatment with handmade birch wood massage sticks releases tension and stimulates the metabolism. An ideal intensive anti-aging treatment for body & face.

Enjoy the massage of the water in our baths

Pampering time at the wellness hotel with massage offers

  • "Time for yourself" (55 min) € 78

    Arrive-immerse-relax: In the private wellness area you are welcomed with a cup of mountain herbal tea. In the whirlpool with panoramic view you enjoy the hay flower bath and finally you are pampered with a partial body massage.

  • "Forest Silence" (60 min) € 82

    Herbal foot bath, leg & back massage with high-quality herbal oil, relaxing head massage.

  • "Nature Love" (80 min) € 122

    Back massage with herbal oil & Alpenrausch facial treatment with ampoule crash.

  • "Women's chat in the bushes" (120 min) € 158

    Ladies' Night in the Wellness Weekend: Relax in the aroma bubble bath in the partner bath tub, accompanied by a fruit cocktail. Body peeling with the silk glove & the subsequent mountain herb body pack gives you velvety soft skin. The "Alpenrausch" facial treatment rounds off your "time out" perfectly. Finally, we serve you a sparkling wine with small nibbles.

  • "Time for two" (110 min) € 158/for two people

    Toast your togetherness with a glass of sparkling wine during a bubble bath in the couples whirlpool tub and then enjoy a partner massage course...We will gladly initiate you into the secrets of massage techniques and massage your partner together with you. Including a bottle of massage oil to take home (alternatively, you can also receive two partial body massages in succession or, on request, in parallel).

  • "Waldhotel Schwarzwälder-Kirsch" (60 min p.p.) € 178 for two persons

    Wellness journey the Black Forest way: This unique massage experience is only available exclusively at our Waldhotel! Cherry stone oil & a warm chocolate wrap wrap your body in a unique velvety experience. Incl. a piece of Black Forest cake and a small Black Forest souvenir.

  • Mountain herbs pack (80 min) € 120

    A wellness treatment with a combination of body peeling, body wrap and the Alpenrausch massage. A natural experience for velvety soft skin.

* Prices incl. after-rest, shower time for body wraps and 19% VAT.