Restaurants & wine list

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Our cosy restaurants:

Hunter parlour (35 seats avaible) 

The hunter's room was received traditionally since building of the hotel in 1900 in the ethnic Black Forest style. The comfortable tiled stove, rustic wooden tables, preserved regional wild game and hunting utensils make the oldest room of the house to an authentic Black Forest experience.

Restaurant tip: Our collection selected brandy and fruit fires and fine cigars. . .


Max-Asal room (50 seats available)


Warm friendly Black Forest atmosphere expects you in this guest room which is equipped with much bright spruce and a comfortable tiled stove. The room received the name from the former landlord Max Asal whose home pictures decorate the walls.

Restaurant tip: Every Wednesday a rustical Black Forest evening takes place. We offer a big specialities buffet, for the evening entertainment we present you the traditional "Hohwald" music live (see info box).


Terrace restaurant (90 seats available + 35 on the terrace)

Lighthearted ease expects you in our bright terrace restaurant with look into the countryside. Simple modern design with paintings of modern art belong to the special comfort of this restaurant. In addition, 50 seats are avaible on the big forest terrace if there is nice weather to enjoy our delicacies in the fresh air.
Restaurant tip: The rich choice of home-baked cakes and gateau specialities. . .



Boar club (10 seats avaible)

The boar club restaurant is suited for small private rounds and groups. A massive round oaken table and a big preserved wild boar give a unique ambience to this room.
Restaurant tip: On inquiry our sommelier Willy Falger carries out a wine test with noble regional „badischen Tropfen“ of our house for you.