Vital Vegan Halbpension

You'll love the vegan cuisine or are just curious and want to be pampered by an ornate gourmet Vegan Kitchen? Then enjoy the VITAL-VEGAN half board as an alternative to the normal half-board in our house. You get every night a lovingly prepared 4-course menu from our chefs Thomas Feistl who feeds itself also vegan.

Some menu suggestions from the half board selection can be found here!

On our breakfast buffet you will find also a vital Vegan corner with daily homemade   spreads or special bread. Because even if you lactose-free and gluten-free is (celiac disease) desire diet we are pleased to offer this! When   Nature Park hosts, we offer fresh, seasonal produce from the region around the hotel. For quality control, we give us this has regularly voluntary controls. They should enjoy nature with all your senses and be able to taste with a clear conscience.

This philosophy is holistic as [ nbsp ] Nature Park hosts Hotel also underlined by our [ nbsp ] EMAS certification which obliges us to a complex environmental management - for the love of nature .