Hiking [ & ] Nordic Walking

Just relax and enjoy the beautiful nature of the southern Black Forest. Come on numerous well-signposted hiking trails and Nordic walking trails in the harmony with nature and leave your worries behind. Hike directly from the hotel to the Feldberg, make the Ballon Schauinsland or   you just a leisurely stroll on the trails that are located around the hotel. Guided walks there every week in our  Guest program or the special hiking weeks in the annual program.

If you are a Nordic supporter, or want to become one, then you are in good hands with us. Because here is on 1121 meters, the Nordic Center Notschrei, allowing you to book Nordic Walking courses that appeal to  adjust you and not the other way around. So you can keep fit or discover a new sport for themselves, such as Nordic fitness, roller ski or summer biathlon. Find out more about the Nordic School Notschrei in the new flyer.