Annual Programme

Spend your holiday in our house , either alone , with your partner or family , an unforgettable experience and be inspired by our annual program . What you want to do during your vacation ? The following points will give you an insight into the range which can be free for all guests in our house .

Family Whitsun week



Experience during the Whitsun a family "home leave" with lots of fun and action. There is a special afternoon program for children with "Owl Ella", in which the children's native forest animals Meet playful and LIVE (Included are excursions to the Zauberweg, baking pizza, wood-crafts, a scavenger hunt and much more), evening invites the Games Director in the game week to playing together. Experience with the whole family old and new games in a cozy atmosphere. As a highlight, organized by the Forest Hotel team a Steinwasen Mountain Wild-Park event with Pentecost .... Fun guaranteed for young and old! [Nbsp] (Please specify when booking if you wish to participate in the program handles, as there is a minimum number of participants 5 children are)


Weeks of zest for life

Senior-Chef Hubert Albiez

Our senior boss Hubert Albiez invites you to unique recreation weeks in which you will discover with him the most beautiful corners of the Black Forest , enjoy short walks and able to talk heart to heart . These are complemented weeks the vitality of various friends of Albiez family . These are , for example, the Swiss originals Gertrud & Willy Oehninger , which are anchored both in business and on your farm with Angus cattle breeding as well as in heaven, and a big heart for it have to bless people in many ways and encourage them to trust this God , who loves you so immeasurably. Or Dr. Georg Steinfurth - the neurologist , internist , family doctor , emergency , palliative Psychotherapeuth and can pass on some of his wealth of experience to you that way.


Preventive health weeks


You feel exhausted and may have serious symptoms caused by too much stress ? Then we recommend our preventive program with competent care ... in collaboration with [ nbsp ] prolax we offer at our hotel the best conditions in order to get away from it all again really can and mind and soul in our house and the splendid Black Forest Nature dangle let .

More Informtionen about the proposed Health Travel Grant with your health insurance company You will find here.

We ask potential dates and to book your travel health made ​​directly via prolax ... press this easy here !

Siegenthaler Vital seminars


To remain vital until old age and find it is therefore time body, mind and spirit refuel again .... then you are in our house to the right place.

Take part in one of the seminars of family Siegenthaler that will enrich your life and give you the ability to slow down the natural aging process and to keep alive their joy of life. For more information on family Siegenthaler and your seminars can be found here. 



Nature Crafts

Natur basteln

Do we still have eyes for all the beauty that surrounds us every day and what can come of it , if one adds together lovingly ? In our WohlFit © Guest program invites the landlady Irene Albiez week to a " natural coffee party" a . In these two weeks are in the guest program in addition to discover a more intense additional offer . Anyone can easily get creative with nature . The program includes , for example, Bind wreath , herb walk with a nature guide , conjure up delicacies from Selbstgepflücktem and much more.


Marriage Weekend


Marriage is what you make out of it a day . To be able to lead a good and healthy marriage , it is important to repeatedly treat time as a couple . That's why we offer you a wedding weekend on , with some helpful impulses in order to stay together in conversation or even to talk brand new again . We are sure that you will be strengthened by this weekend , encouraging start in the marriage life . Do you want to spend a relaxing spa weekend with your partner , which will strengthen your relationship with valuable impulses and by your own replacement ? Then book but a room for this seminar with pastors and marriage counselors Sylvio and Ruth Spadin . The participation fee for the seminar costs € 160 per couple Extra .